About Orava

Event- & Field-marketing agency

Orava comes from the Finnish language and means “squirrel”. These are dynamic, diligent and communicative animals, whose ability lies in finding solutions for difficult situations and to crack even the hardest nut. Their curiosity & ambition, makes these animals so cheerful and vivid, so that they can function as a mediator between different groups.

This should also reflect on the agency and motivate us to find the perfect solution for every customer.

Orava SARL-S is an agency specialized in Event Marketing and Field Marketing. It was founded in January 2017. The Manager of the agency is Patrick Hellenbrand, with more than 8 years of experience in the organization of events and the commercialisation and marketing of new products.

  • Reactiv

    No one is perfect. But it is important to always find a fast solution quickly. Due to our reactivity we are ready to act quickly.

  • Flexible

    Because of our flexibility, we can respond to our customers needs at all times and offer them the right services.

  • Dynamic / Young

    Due to our dynamism, we are always ready to work quickly and to develop ourselves so that the customer always gets quickly the right suggestion.

  • Creative / Innovative

    Creativity and innovation are very important for us, for this reason we offer tailor-made creative and innovative actions for our customers.


We offer 8 different services, which are adapted to the customer's needs.

Creativity and innovation are very important to us.
Sales Promotion

You would like to commercialise your products or start a new product on the Luxembourgish market?

We can support you by offering qualified staff and organizing tastings and animations in the different shops.


The placement of products in supermarkets plays an important role!

For this reason we have Merchandisers, who can do this type of work for you.

Logistics & Operating

We install for you the advertising material in supermarkets or set up stands on fairs if needed.

We take care of the transport, storage as well as the installation.


Do you need stagehands for the set up & disassembly on fairs, conferences or events?

We can provide stagehands for you to do the work.

Field / Event Staff

You need staff for your events, projects or marketing actions?

We can provide Hostesses/Hosts for the reception, the cloakroom or to pass on information to invited people.

We also have the necessary promotional Girls/Boys for marketing actions.


You would like to organize a street marketing activity?

We can assist you!

We offer sampling, flyering, roadshows & other creative and innovative activities.

Event Management

We can create your perfect event!

Whether you are organizing a private, public or corporate-event. We can find the best solution for every budget.

Business Development

Orava SARL-S could support you in the development of your projects. Hence we offer a service of advice, consulting and the development of strategies to your firm.

We can as well support you with marketing, logistics and corporate counselling.

In addition, we can provide innovative and creative ideas for the development of your company or the marketing of your product.


Our team consists of the following people
Patrick Hellenbrand
Patrick Hellenbrand
Patrick Hellenbrand is the founder of the Orava agency. He has a Masters in business management with a specialization in Marketing and has more than 8 years of experience in the organization of events and the commercialization and marketing of new products.
Pascal Alff
Pascal Alff
Administrative Assistant & Stagehand coordinator
Pascal takes care of the administrative work. At the same time, he is responsible for coordinating the set-up at trade fairs, conferences, etc.
Marvin Gehbauer
Marvin Gehbauer
Logistic & Warehouse manager
Marvin takes care of the logistics and material management of the stocks as well as the assembly. He is also responsible for the management of social networks.


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